How Dowsing the Lottery can better your odds on the California Super Lottery

winning lottery numbers

California Super Lottery drawing 2244

This is one of my more successful sessions. I have had a number of these and I am not a psychic!!

So let’s look at the winning numbers for a California super lottery drawing that was conducted on  Saturday, October 4, 2008. The winning numbers for this particular drawing were:

Winning Numbers: 33, 42, 15, 8, 25       mega number 23

Dowsing Numbers: 31/32, 41, 15, 8, X    mega number 23

California super lottery winning numbers

This was one of the more successful lottery dowsing sessions conducted while researching my book. Now I did not win this particular California super lottery, as you can tell, but if you look closely at my numbers and the winning numbers you can see that I was definitely tapped into something at the time.

Can you Purposely pick winning lottery numbers?

So the California super lottery is a multi million dollar lottery.  I purposely picked the mega number, I picked the winning number 8 without guessing, I picked the number 15 without guessing. I was one digit away from the winning number 42. Finally, I was one digit away from the winning number 33. In fact, I picked one number above and one number below.

Now I did not have any special lottery wheel and I wasn’t using some other system. I was using a dowsing pendulum and my system to pick these numbers.

In my opinion if there isn’t any more proof of psi phenomena than what I’m showing you today, than I do not know what to tell ya. Some would call this luck but you have to remember that I picked these numbers on purpose. These are not random, they are not favorite numbers or special dates.

This example should hopefully reinforce the idea that dowsing the lottery is a true phenomenon that you to can learn. I am in no way psychic!

Over the years I have began to wonder if psychic people are even real or not. I do believe that there is a science behind this phenomena

As you begin to start dowsing the lottery I think it’s really important that you pay close attention to your feelings at the time, also I think you need to focus on your surroundings as well.

Keep a logbook of your dowsing sessions so that when you do have a successful dowsing session and you find yourself picking the mega number for example or you’re getting two or three or even four winning lottery numbers with your dowsing sessions that you can keep track of your feelings, your energy levels, distractions and things that don’t work.

This can better prepare yourself for the next session. If you can turn your dowsing sessions into habits that are conducive to success you’ll be a better dowser for that.

So to quickly conclude this quick post. Keep a logbook handy and be scientific about what you’re doing. Take your notes after the session, so you are not distracted by a notebook during the process, especially if you notice feelings that are different from normal sessions and your external conditions things that you can influence.

Pay attention to particular dates. For example, drawing 2244 on Saturday the fourth 2008, was in relative proximity to my birthday. I don’t know if this means anything special. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but it’s worth noting.

Please feel free to post your winning tickets here on the website.

6 Comments  to  How Dowsing the Lottery can better your odds on the California Super Lottery

  1. Jax says:

    This inspires me to try this with our states power ball!
    That is an uncanny set of number similarities you have there.

  2. sam ram says:

    where do i buy the pendulem?

  3. Chuck says:

    You can use anything as a pendulum. I personally use my gold chain which has a weighted object on the end of it that my wife gave to me over 25 years ago. I went to a psychic fair a number of years ago and the psychic used this same chain to tap into my vibes. If it was good for her I figured it would good for me. And just to let you know, if your interested, the reading was fairly accurate.

  4. Gabrielle says:

    I have won many times using a pendulum, even hitting five of numbers, 4 of five the mega and won many tickets, it really works, just stay with it! Never give up!!

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