Free 1 Hour Guided Meditation

Do you meditate? If you don’t then now is a good time to dive into it. This stuff will change your life. Not only will it melt away the daily stress in your life, but it will take you to places you only dreamed existed.

This FREE guided meditation is over 1 hour long, perfect for Dowsing the Lottery.

What You Need To Do before you Begin Meditating

Find yourself a nice quite place that will allow you at least one hour of NO distractions.

You will be close to your computer since this is a Youtube video. Hey it’s free. What do you expect? Hopefully you have a spare bedroom or a couch. Heck, even a pillow on the floor will do.

You absolutely MUST have headphones for this to work. I suggest something with a long cord such as these here. You can buy them on Amazon.

Unplug the phone, crack open a window and get comfortable.

Relax, and focus on Kelly’s voice as she guides you into meditation.

If you find that you would like to experiment more with guided meditation then Visit Brain Sync and check out their amazing guided meditations. You can even sign up for a meditation course over there!!

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