Dowsing Tutorial

dowsing pendulum tutorial

What is Dowsing?

To start this dowsing tutorial lets define dowsing. Dowsing is an ancient technique used to obtain information via metaphysical means. The nonphysical component of our being relays information to the physical body’s central nervous system through an autonomous function called the ideomotor response. This ideomotor response is accountable for moving the dowsing instrument.

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How Pendulum Dowsing Works

how does dowsing work

Sixth Sense – Pendulum Dowsing and A Human Being’s Non physical Component

Your first test is to come to terms with the fact that we humans have a nonphysical component that lends itself beyond our normal five senses and we can tap into it by pendulum dowsing.

Consider our entire being, both the physical and nonphysical, similar to that of a huge iceberg in the Antarctic. Now, the tip typically represents about ten percent of the whole iceberg; that is, when you fly over an iceberg in the Antarctic, you are actually seeing a tiny section of a huge, floating ice mountain. Think of that part, the part that sticks out of the water, as both the physical and mental aspects that make up a human being. In other words, the iceberg’s tip is both the flesh that makes up the body and the decision making voice in one’s head.

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How Dowsing the Lottery can better your odds on the California Super Lottery

winning lottery numbers

California Super Lottery drawing 2244

This is one of my more successful sessions. I have had a number of these and I am not a psychic!!

So let’s look at the winning numbers for a California super lottery drawing that was conducted on  Saturday, October 4, 2008. The winning numbers for this particular drawing were:

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